Our beautiful marocain is now available in more than 30 fantastic shades – all in stock; minimum order 1 metre. More new colours coming soon.

All our fantastic new colours in marocain, crepe georgette, spun silk sandwashed and taffeta are now in stock; samples available. See the full collection at our London showroom and at leading trade exhibitions

  1. The Queen of Fibres

    Silk does for the body, what diamonds do for the hand

    This quote by designer Oscar de la Renta...

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  2. How Silk is Produced

    Silk is produced from the threads of cocoons spun by silkworms on their journey to becoming a silk moth. Each cocoon is made from a single thread that can be nearly a mile long and is about the size of...

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  3. Silk and Dyes

    Silk absorbs dyes extremely well.

    There are two main dyeing methods: yarn-dyed, where the fibres are dyed before weaving or piece-dyed when the dyeing takes place after the fabric has been woven...

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  4. Sewing and Caring for Silk

    1. Iron before cutting. Use a warm dry iron on the reverse side of the fabric. Use a cool iron for chiffon. Do not spray water as it can leave a watermark
    2. ...
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  5. Silk Facts

    Here are a few facts about silk that may surprise you:

    • According to legend, silk was discovered in 2640 AD...
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  6. Colour of the Year - Apricot Crush

    Colour is my day-long obsession, joy and torment - for many fashion and fabric buyers, and fabric suppliers, this statement by French painter Claude Monet with...

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  7. Focus on Satin

    Satin is one of the most common terms when referring to silk fabric. The name is derived from the satin weave which produces a smooth and lustrous surface, created by weaving a minimum of four weft (vertical)...

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  8. Focus on Douppion

    Silk douppion is a type of plain weave silk fabric with a fantastic lustre. Also known as dupioni, dupion or douppioni, this fabric has a crisp quality that makes it suitable for many different uses. ...

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  9. Focus on Habotai

    Renowned for its lightness, softness and beautiful sheen, habotai is a wonderful plain weave silk that is a particularly popular fashion choice for linings, as well as blouses, lingerie, pareos and scarves...

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