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Pongees supplies organza for The GREAT Dress featuring 22 ct gold

Well-established British designer Rebecca Street has created a couture gown in Pongees organza for the GREAT Festival of Innovation, being held in Hong Kong this week, which is embellished with an elaborate design in 22ct gold that demonstrates the potential of the precious metal, within both the worlds of luxury fashion and medical science.

The painted design on the organza is the first time 22ct gold has been offered as a design application to a fabric, without being woven or hand stitched, and which is also washable. The application of the metal doesn’t compromise its handle, so it remains flexible and soft to the touch and can be created to any design. “This is a pioneering technique within luxury fashion,” says Rebecca.

“The embellished fabric is not just beautiful, but also has some surprising functional characteristics. It’s well known that gold is conductive and we have generated interest among leading UK universities and research labs, since we’ve proven this to be the only process of applying gold to fabric that remains conductive after 10 washes. Washability is key to the development of medical wearables, since it provides extended use.”

“We are delighted to be involved in such an innovative project and demonstrates our keenness to be at the forefront of the future of fabrics,” says Nick Moore, managing director, Pongees.

A winner of Innovate UK’s Women in Innovation competition, Rebecca’s golden couture design – named The GREAT Dress – was launched at the UK’s Department for International Trade’s GREAT Festival of Innovation being held in Hong Kong this week as part of a showcase of leading British creativity and innovation.

Picture caption: Nick Dolding